Chief Financial Officer or Chief Fraud Officer? 


Catalyst Intelligence was retained to conduct pre-transactional due diligence on the founders and executives of a family-owned media and publishing company. Although three of the four subjects checked out, the prospective CFO had a checkered past which he failed to disclose to our private equity client. Catalyst’s deep vetting uncovered an embezzlement conviction and other financial misdeeds. Armed with this information, our client was able to close the deal on more favorable terms and find a better suited CFO for its new venture.




Threat Neutralized 


Catalyst Intelligence operatives were retained to investigate acts of sabotage at a manufacturing plant. After repeated incidents of product tampering, the manufacturer’s best client threatened to take its business elsewhere. Due to Catalyst’s investigative efforts, the saboteur was quickly identified and the manufacturer client was able to obtain a permanent restraining order prohibiting the former employee from returning to the plant.




Suspicious Asset Transfers Lead to Guilty Verdict


Catalyst Intelligence provided critical evidence in a lawsuit involving a multi-million dollar commercial loan default. Catalyst operatives obtained proof that the debtor had made multiple fraudulent asset transfers to avoid repayment of the loan. Catalyst presented vital documentary evidence of the asset transfers, and testified at trial as to their suspicious timing. The evidence furnished by Catalyst Intelligence helped secure a guilty verdict against the defendant.



Over Five Decades of Combined Experience

Our thoroughness, professionalism, and attention to detail has earned the respect of top law firms nationwide, who call upon Catalyst Intelligence when the stakes are high..

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