Practice Areas

Litigation Support & Trial Preparation

For over 20 years Catalyst Intelligence professionals have assisted the legal community in conducting in depth investigations that yield pertinent and credible results. Our intelligence gathering and analysis “digs deep” to unearth critical information, uncover buried details and provide intel to assist counsel in ongoing or potential litigation. Our clients routinely use the evidence uncovered by Catalyst Intelligence to impeach witnesses and opposing parties during depositions and at trial. Likewise, Catalyst’s arbitrator backgrounding regularly assists legal counsel in their selection and/or ranking.

Our thoroughness, professionalism, and attention to detail has earned the respect of top law firms nationwide, who call upon Catalyst Intelligence when the stakes are high.

Our litigation and trial support services include:

  • Background investigation of litigants, adverse parties & companies
  • Witness Interviews
  • Social Media Sleuthing
  • Financial discovery & Pre-Litigation Asset Profiles (to determine whether or not to pursue litigation)
  • Vetting of arbitrators, mediators & experts
  • Surveillance & Physical Evidence Gathering

Executive Due Diligence

Catalyst Intelligence is a leading provider of pre-transactional due diligence to major private equity firms, family offices and sophisticated investors. While traditional due diligence concerns itself with a prospect’s financial health, our Executive Dossiers profile the target’s executives, principals & key employees – providing high-level details, and reputational due diligence on the subject.

In addition to furnishing this Business Intelligence, our Executive Dossiers expose risk factors — including criminal history, financial malfeasance, regulatory issues, and material civil litigation — all of which could impact the success of the deal.

Our seasoned analysts know where to search for “red flags” that could be potential deal killers, and quickly differentiate between “material” information and the multitude of “red herrings” scattered about the Web.

With over two decades of investigative research experience, Catalyst Intelligence has examined deals in a variety of industries including real estate, finance, security, transportation, technology and consumer goods.

Workplace and Employment Investigations

Catalyst Intelligence regularly works with company executives, human resources, and legal counsel to remedy acts of employee malfeasance and combat threats of workplace violence. We also provide independent support to insurance carriers investigating allegations of workplace harassment and wrongful termination on behalf of their insureds. Catalyst operatives have been retained to investigate a range of workplace issues, including theft of corporate assets, the illegal dissemination of confidential company data, and workers compensation fraud.

Our workplace and insurance services include:

  • Covert Surveillance
  • Difficult Service of Process
  • Computer Forensic and Digital Evidence Recovery
  • Undercover Investigations
  • Witness Interviews

Cyber Investigations and Digital Forensics

Catalyst Intelligence understands that incidents of cyber malfeasance can have significant and lasting business and legal consequences. Our team of cyber and forensic experts is equipped to respond to threats and incidents at a moment’s notice. We partner with our clients to address problems on a timely basis and do so in a way that minimizes disruption to business operations. Ultimately, our goal is to uncover the truth in an expedient and cost effective manner.

Our cyber and forensic services include:

Cyber Attribution

While many digital crimes appear to be traceless, all interactions with devices and networks do leave traces and evidence to be collected and analyzed. Catalyst’s investigative framework covers the entire forensic lifecycle from collections to analysis with the aim of uncovering the truth by following the evidence.

Our investigators use both open-source intelligence and digital evidence to identify the perpetrators of fraud, harassment, IP theft, and other malfeasance. We have successfully investigated and identified the bad actors in cases of sabotage, business email compromise (BEC), wire fraud, insider threats, workplace violence, sabotage, and unauthorized access to corporate data and assets. 

Social Media and Message Board Monitoring

Criminal behavior does not occur in a vacuum. Bad actors plan, communicate, and boast in online forums. Sometimes stolen goods and services appear on underground marketplaces. Protecting an enterprise is not just about security but also includes brand protection, supply chain visibility, and enhancing the overall situational awareness of the enterprise risk owners.

Catalyst uses a state of the art monitoring platform along with HUMINT/OSINT capable of monitoring surface, deep, and dark web sources. The Catalyst team includes intelligence and investigative specialists with foreign language capabilities to monitor company assets, locations, and to provide decision support for brand, personnel, and event protection.

Computer & Mobile Forensics

Data is everywhere, in the cloud, on laptops, desktops, servers, storage devices, mobile devices and across different operating systems. Collecting from such broad sources of potential digital evidence requires the right tools and the right professionals with the right skills and creativity to adjust collection strategies as needed. Catalyst’s cyber and forensic specialists work with you to identify sources of evidence, to create a collection and preservation plan, and to execute that plan while still remaining flexible enough to pivot as needed and creative enough to collect from any device, wherever it may be. The collected evidence is analyzed to construct a narrative and timeline to answer the critical questions of what happened, where, when, and by whom. The Catalyst team consists of professionals with the tenacity, creativity, and certified technical and non-technical skills to interrogate both digital and human sources of evidence and to get to the truth.

Virtual Currency Licensing

Catalyst Intelligence is a leading provider of background advisory services to crypto currency firms seeking financial licensure in the United States. We work closely alongside clients and their advisors to streamline the money transmitter license & bitLicense application process –overcoming any hurdles along the way. And we are skilled partners ensuring ICO’s are SEC compliant. We are experts at navigating through the different state requirements, and the various financial regulatory agencies know the quality and reliability of our work.